Notre Dame QB Everett Golson: ‘I’ll be back in the spring’


Losing their starting quarterback is not going to sting too much for the fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish since they have Tommy Rees still–the player that suspended quarterback Everett Golson replaced when Rees was suspended for a game.

But what are they going to do when Rees graduates?

There have been several rumors concerning the fate of Golson claiming that he may be considering playing for a junior college or FCS school. Should he do so he would not have to sit for a year; that rule only applies to transfers between FBS schools.

Fans do not have to worry.  He recently told a reporter from a Myrtle Beach television station that he will be heading back to South Bend in the spring.

“I will be returning in the spring, that’s pretty much it. I’ve been working out, keeping my head up. I’ve had a little adversity, but I’ve learned you can’t sit down and just take that — you got to pick yourself back up and keep going forward and continue doing what you were doing and everything is going to work itself out in the end.”

Golson will be able to apply for reinstatement to the university in the spring, and there is no reason to think that he will be turned down.

There is still a bit of mystery surrounding exactly what occurred. School policy dictates that cases like this are not discussed publicly. All that has been made public is that Golson exercised what’s been called “poor academic judgement.”

It has not been a good off-season for the Fighting Irish. After getting embarrassed in the BCS title game by Alabama, the school was hit with the Manti T’eo/Catfish scandal and then lost the quarterback that led them to an undefeated regular season and its first title shot since the Lou Holtz Era.

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  • nitsuj1028

    What has he been doing since being suspended? It makes me wonder if he is being tutored somewhere and who is paying for that tutoring.