Alabama WR Kenny Bell quits team and then announces he’s back


The Alabama Crimson Tide began their march towards an unprecedented third consecutive national title Saturday night with a decisive 35-10 win over Virginia Tech.

The team didn’t look the greatest at times, but thanks to some big plays by the usual bevy of talent, the Crimson Tide had little trouble rolling over the Hokies.

For most football players the chance to be on a team like the Crimson Tide would be a dream. Being a major part of it would be ideal, but just to be a part of something like Alabama has had going for the last few years would be more than enough for many–but not Kenny Bell.

The senior wide receiver took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce that he was leaving the team:

..I’ve been through so much I finally can say I’m happy

..I know I’m going to lose so many friends and followers and get more negative talk from people but truth is I Dnt care’s been a nice run but I’m hanging up my cleats

..time too focus on my responsibilities MY kiDS

..I’ve made so many memories here @ Alabama but some things you gotta let go

What made him feel as if he needed to leave the team at this time is a mystery to the general public, but it had to be serious for him to feel like he had to quit during his senior season.

From his Twitter page it looks like he has three children (a girl and two boys). To go to school and play football is more than most people could handle, but to be a parent to three kids as well?

Just as soon as he announced that he had quit the team, he was back on it.

Late in the day Tuesday Alabama head coach Nick Saban confirmed that Bell was not going to be leaving the team, but would get some time off.

“Sometimes we have personal things that we need to get ironed out. He had a day today to do that. I want Kenny to be happy. I’d love for him to be a part of the team if he can be happy doing that relative to any other personal responsibilities he has.”

While Bell is not one of the most productive receivers on the team one of the things that helps make Alabama as tough as they are is the veteran leadership.

Should he end up leaving he can hardly be blamed. As fun as football is, family has to come first.

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