Trail Blazers could look to acquire David West?


The Indiana Pacers are still in shock following the horrific leg injury that Paul George suffered last Friday night, and are still deciding what to do in the aftermath of the injury. They have been rumored to be pushing hard to sign Shawn Marion, but they have also considered making some trades and trying to break up the core of the team and start over. If the Pacers do decide to make some trades, one of the first players to go will likely be power forward David West.

According to Nate Duncan of Basketball Insiders, the Trail Blazers would be a good fit for West if the Pacers do look to move them as they appear to be considering.

Portland–A potential lottery-protected first-rounder along with relative flotsam could solve Portland’s big man depth problems, but Portland may not want to take on the salary with a chance at cap space in 2015. Or What about CJ McCollum and filler for West? Indy could take a chance at a guard who can score a little more who could be a part of their next good team, although I am not that high on McCollum as a prospect due to his limited athleticism.

There is no denying that the Trail Blazers would look much more dangerous with West on the roster, but where would he fit into their lineup? Would he slide into the power forward position and have LaMarcus Aldridge slide up to center? Would he play center instead and let Aldridge stay at power forward?

West played in and started 80 regular season games with the Pacers last season, averaging 14.0 points and 6.8 rebounds per game. He definitely didn’t look like the dominant West that the Pacers had grown accustomed to over the previous two seasons, but he was still capable of scoring when Indiana needed him most. Perhaps a change of scenery would be good for West as he is searching for a championship ring before he decides to call it quits and retire.

Overall, it is going to be a very interesting remainder of the offseason for the Pacers. They have quite a few different possibilities to sort through, and trading away their pieces and valued players might very well be in their best interest. If Pacers president Larry Bird does decide to go ahead and make some moves, don’t be surprised to see Portland come calling on West.

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  • Ben Eggersgluss

    Rumor only and not even going to happen. Plus, he’d come off the bench.

  • Trevor Westerdahl

    OMG! Pass on this stupid rumor why don’t you. This is absurd drivel.