Top three free agent destinations for Evan Turner

The Indiana Pacers acquired Evan Turner in a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers at the trade deadline, but things simply haven’t gone the way that they expected. Turner has had some games that he showed his full potential in, but he just doesn’t fit with the Pacers’ system. That being said, he will be able to test free agency this coming offseason for a team that he can have a larger role with. What three teams would be the best potential destinations for him?

1. Charlotte Bobcats

Charlotte was able to make the NBA Playoffs this season, but were dispatched very quickly in a sweep by the Miami Heat. They are going to be looking for another scorer to pair with Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker, and Turner would be able to fit that role. He does like to handle the basketball a good amount, but that likely wouldn’t be too much of an issue in Charlotte with only a couple true offensive threats. The Bobcats are looking to bring in winning players, and that is exactly what Turner would add to their roster.

2. Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are in the middle of a rebuilding stage, but the addition of Evan Turner would be a huge boost to that process. Turner is only 25 years old, and would add a bit of a veteran presence to the Celtics. Brad Stevens is looking for players who can score and handle the basketball to relieve pressure from Rajon Rondo, which is exactly what Turner excels at. Boston may not want to pay the type of contract that Turner will be asking for, but he would be a very nice fit for the team.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland is yet another young team that could use some help at the small forward position and in the scoring category. They will be losing Luol Deng this offseason, will open up a spot in the starting lineup for another small forward. It is likely that Turner will be looking for a starting job somewhere, and this could very well be the ideal spot.

Overall, Turner is going to get a multi-year contract this offseason that will probably pay him very nicely. While he has struggled during his tenure with the Pacers, he showed earlier in the year that he could score the basketball at a high level and help his team compete. Despite the poor record that the 76ers held, Turner was able to keep them respectable in quite a few games. Despite these three teams being good fits, there will be quite a few more franchises interested in signing Turner when free agency hits.

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