Season Review: Goran Dragic, Phoenix Suns


The Phoenix Suns had one of the most surprising seasons in the NBA this past season, and the main reason was point guard Goran Dragic’s improved play. Many expected Dragic to put together a good season, but no one saw what Dragic actually did coming. He was able to take his game from good to great, and improved in every single aspect of his game.

Dragic has always been a good point guard, but he was able to take that part of his game to the next level as well. He was an even better playmaker for his teammates than last season, and defenses were forced to give him more attention due to his offensive prowess. His ability and improvement as far as passing goes has made him an even more difficult match-up for opposing defenders.

His offensive game took the biggest jump this season, improving from 14.7 points per game last season to 20.3 points per game this year. That number is extremely impressive, and it was an all-around improvement that got him there. Not only is he shooting the three-point shot at a higher level, he is also getting to the rim and finishing through contact. The Suns have a very dynamic back-court in Eric Bledsoe and Dragic, and that opens up the lanes for both players.

Perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of his game is the defensive ability that he possesses. He is a very pesky defender that plays a hard-nosed style of defense that not many NBA players possess. His quick hands and feet allow him to stay in front of his opponent and pick up deflections and get into the passing lanes as well.

All that being said, it’s more than safe to say that Dragic took the next step to stardom this past season. He improved his game in every single aspect and also picked up a leadership quality that he hadn’t had throughout his career to this point. The Suns have a very bright future, and they may very well have their growing “superstar” now after seeing what Dragic was able to do this past year.

Goran Dragic Season Grade: A

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