Report: Knicks could trade Iman Shumpert sooner than later

Iman Shumpert

The New York Knicks could trade Iman Shumpert sooner rather than later, reports Marc Stein of

More and more folks around the league see some sort of Shumpert deal materializing sooner rather than later, given that he’s New York’s only real asset of value to make an in-season move and with the Knicks increasingly confident that they’ve got enough at the position to handle Shumpert’s exit now that J.R. Smith is back and with rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. looking good early.

Word is that the Nuggets do have a level interest — just not if the Knicks keep asking them to part with Kenneth Faried in exchange — while Sacramento is also said to be gauging how Shumpert might fit in.

The reality, though, is that the Knicks had no chance of getting the Nuggets interested in a Shumpert-for-Faried swap without picks to send Denver, too. And the Knicks are essentially bereft of tradeable picks for years.

The Knicks are 3-5 with Tyson Chandler expected to be out at least a month.  But they don’t have a first round or second round pick to trade until 2018.

Shumpert, who finished with five points, nine assists, six rebounds and four steals in the Knicks’ 95-91 win against Atlanta, was upset with the trade rumors after the game.

“Yeah, it pissed me off, but that’s what the New York media does,” Shumpert said. “It’s not the first time. It happens. … [Woodson] told me not to worry about it. He said that if they put you in trade rumors, other people want you and you should smile about it. Whatever.”

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