Rajon Rondo hopes to remain a Celtic beyond this season

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is entering the final season of his contract, but when asked Monday if he wants to stick around beyond that, he simply said: “Yes.”

Rondo is expected to miss at least the first two weeks of Boston’s season, which begins Oct. 29, with a broken left metatarsal injury.

During media day, Rondo confirmed that he injured his hand in the shower at his home.

“Usually, how falls happen, you slip, and I slipped and tried to catch my hand,” said Rondo, via WEEi.com. “€œIt wasn’t like a banana slip. I actually almost caught myself and landed on my knuckle on the windowsill at my home. So, that’€™s how it happened.”

Rumors have swirled this week that Rondo broke the bone in his hand at a trampoline park.

“On Tuesday, I took my daughter to a trampoline park on Tuesday, and I did jump,” he said. “I learned some new tricks with my daughter. It was a lot of fun.

“Wednesday was her birthday. I went to ‘The Lion King’ with my daughter. I spent the day playing a softball game with a team, which we won. I scored about three runs. I didn’t bat like I was supposed to. We didn’t play at a softball field; I couldn’t hit out of the park. I made a couple top-10 catches and a one-hand grab and throw-out at first base that was really good. I impressed myself with that.

“Thursday came, and I took my kids back to a trampoline park in Billerica. I didn’t jump that day. I just let my kids play and run off some steam. It was a school night, so I wanted to go for about 45 minutes. People were really nice there. They let me in for free, so that was good. And that night, I went home, and that’€™s when the incident happened, so it didn’t happen at the trampoline place.”

Rondo, 28, missed the first 40 games last season recovering from major knee surgery.  The four-time All-Star will return to the starting lineup when he’s healthy.

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