Paul George: ‘We had no locker room issues’

Paul George

The Indiana Pacers collapsed in a major way down the stretch of the season last year, and many thought that the collapse had something to do with team chemistry and issues in the locker room. Despite all of the beliefs, Pacers’ star Paul George claims that there were no issues in the locker room.

From Yahoo! Sports:

As for the off-court drama, George said: “We had no locker room issues. You are going to clash. You got guys that got into it. But there was nothing that broke our chemistry. We were still [close] as a team.”

It seems that his quote contradicts itself in a way, especially as far as admitting that players got into it with each other. There may not have been players vocally disagreeing or fighting with each other in the locker room, but punches being thrown certainly has to be considered a locker room issue. George has mentioned that the Pacers peaked too early, and is likely trying to avoid the questions as to what happened in the locker room to cause the issues.

Quite frankly, new Charlotte Hornet Lance Stephenson was one of the main issues for the Pacers in the locker room. After he missed the All-Star game, it seemed that he was playing with a major chip on his shoulder to prove that he was better than his teammates that did make the game. It’s always dangerous when a young player feels cheated, and especially when two of his teammates are given the opportunity that he was working hard to achieve.

All of that being said, it is still a very interesting comment to hear come out of George’s mouth. It would be very nice for Pacers fans to be able to talk to the players and hear everyone’s side of things, especially to put to rest a season that had major championship aspirations. Since that cannot happen, the focus will turn to the upcoming season, that simply doesn’t have the hype or excitement surrounding it that last season did.


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