P.J. Tucker wants to sign long-term with Suns

The Phoenix Suns have been one of the biggest surprises in the NBA this season, and one of the pleasant surprises on their roster has been small forward P.J. Tucker. Tucker has taken on the role of defensive stopper, but has also shown the ability to rebound and score the ball when needed. According to reports, Tucker would like to reach a long-term deal with the Suns this coming offseason.

It will certainly be interesting to see what type of contract Tucker has in mind for his new deal with the Suns. According to the report, he does want a pay raise after his impressive play this season, and quite frankly he deserves it. The Suns definitely need his defense and all-around game to play at the level that they have been this season, so it seems likely that the two sides could work something out.

“Of course, why would I not? They brought me here. I think I exceeded their expectations and mine with what has transpired. Of course, I want to retire a Sun. The love I have for this organization will always be. They gave me a chance to prove myself and actually to prove that I’m a player in this league. It’s almost emotional for me to think about everything I’ve been through and for them to give me an opportunity to do it. Not just to be on the team, but in two seasons, I’ve started a whole year and a half for the team on a minimum contract. That doesn’t happen. When I sit back and think about it, which I never do, it’s too much. So I’ll always be indebted.” – P.J. Tucker

Tucker has played in and started 72 games for the Suns this year, averaging 9.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 1.3 steals per game. He has shown the ability to knock down the three-ball as well, shooting it at a 40% clip. There is no question as to how valuable of a player is, and whether the Suns decide to give him a long-term deal worth more money or not, he will find that deal somewhere.

Overall, it is highly expected that the Suns and Tucker will find an agreement this coming offseason. Both sides are happy with the way the roster is building and the way the team is playing, so why not keep the young core together and let them grow? Tucker is about to get a payday this offseason, and it will be intriguing to see what type of competition the Suns have for him.

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