Milwaukee Bucks interested in trading O.J. Mayo


The Milwaukee Bucks are coming off yet another disappointing season, but they will have the second overall pick in the NBA Draft to work with. That being said, they also have a trade chip that they will shop around this offseason, and that trade chip is shooting guard O.J. Mayo.

According to reports from Gary Woelfel of, the Bucks are interested in moving Mayo to any trade partner this offseason in an attempt to get out of the two-year, $16 million deal he has remaining.

Bucks general manager John Hammond thought he had his shooting guard of the future in O.J. Mayo, whom he signed as a free agent last summer. Mayo was given a lavish, three-year, $24 million guaranteed contract. He didn’t come close to earning his paycheck.

Mayo was plagued by injuries and personal issues and played in just 52 games this season. He shot a pedestrian 40.7 percent from the field and averaged 11.7 points. It’s no secret the Bucks would be willing to trade him, although that will be easier said than done because of his inflated contract. – Gary Woelfel

There will likely be a good amount of trade interest in a player that has the potential that Mayo brings to the court. There were many issues in Milwaukee last season, and Mayo simply wasn’t happy with losing and how head coach Larry Drew was using him. Inconsistent playing time and rotations usually result in players being unhappy with their situations.

Mayo played in just 52 games with the Bucks in the regular season this year, starting in 23 of those appearances. He averaged 11.7 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game, and had some flashes of being the scorer that he once was. There are plenty of contending teams out there that could use another scorer off the bench, and Mayo is still more than capable of thriving if he’s put in the right system.

Overall, there doesn’t seem to be much of a chance that the Bucks have Mayo on their roster at the start of next season. They are going to be able to find a trade partner that is willing to give up enough to get Mayo, and they will likely move him fairly early on in the offseason. It will be very interesting to see which teams show interest in him over the next month or so.

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