Metta World Peace says Kobe Bryant should keep tweeting and coach in Game 3


Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace wants teammate Kobe Bryant to tweet the “whole time” during Game 2 of the Lakers’ first-round playoff series against the San Antonio Spurs and coach in Game 3.

Kobe should tweet for Game 2 the whole time, every possession,” World Peace said after practice Tuesday via Dave McMenamin of “Critique us, criticize us, chew us out. I’ll tweet him back. I’ll direct message him.”

Bryant tweeted Monday that he would no longer use social media to express his opinion on the game.

“To tweet or not to tweet.. I CHOOSE not 2. Focus should be on the team not my insight,” tweeted Bryant.

World Peace was asked if Bryant’s tweets were a distraction to the team.

“Absolutely not,” World Peace said. “I’m a distraction. I’m much more of a distraction than Kobe.”

Bryant will join the team for Game 3 at the Staples Center on Friday, but because his left leg needs to be elevated as he recovers from Achilles surgery he will not be on the bench.

World Peace would rather have him coaching.

“He should coach,” World Peace said. “Put a suit and tie on, a bowtie, with the Mamba symbol [on his lapel] and get on the bench and coach. Drag that leg here. I love when Kobe coaches. Kobe’s a great coach, though. Too bad he’s not going to coach when he ends his career. He would be a great coach.”

Following the Lakers Game 1 loss, coach Mike D’Antioni characterized Bryant as a fan for expressing his opinion about the game on Twitter.

“It’s great to have that commentary,” D’Antoni said.. “He’s a fan right now. He’s a fan. You guys put a little bit more importance on that kind of fan. He’s a fan, he gets excited, I’m sure he wants to be part of it.”

World Peace seemed to enjoy D’Antoni’s comment.

“That was funny,” World Peace said. “That was good. I liked that. I read that. I saw that. That was funny. That was a great joke. Mike D’Antoni is slick, boy. That was awesome. That was awesome. That was awesome. I loved that. Kobe was awesome tweeting out at coach’s decisions on the court and then coach messaged him back through the media. That was great. It’s all about that. The media has got something to talk about.”

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