Kyrie Irving: ‘Everyone’s going to be coming for us’

Kyrie Irving

The Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to compete for a championship this season, and having LeBron James come home is adding a lot of hype to their franchise.

Kyrie Irving is excited about the opportunity to team up with James, but he also understands that it will mean that the rest of the league is gunning for Cleveland. At this point in time, they are the without a doubt the team to beat in the Eastern Conference, and James puts a target on their back.

From Bleacher Report:

“Everybody’s going to be coming for us,” he said. “That’s what you want as a competitor, especially in the greatest league that we play in.”

It is going to be a very interesting season for the Cavaliers, especially with the entire team getting used to having James back in town. This season is going to be a very difficult season for the young Cavaliers, but they have put together the necessary veteran pieces to help the young players. Irving is going to have to step up in a big way this season as James’ number two option, and this will be the first time that he has faced this much competition and had a chance to do something special.

There have been many rumors circling about the possibility that the Cavaliers could acquire Kevin Love from Minnesota. If that did end up happening, the Cavaliers would have even more of a target on their backs. James suffered major criticism when he was in Miami because of “the big three” that they put together, and adding Love would be doing the exact same thing in Cleveland.

Overall, it is going to be a very tough road for the Cavaliers to make it to the NBA Finals this season. James has made it clear that he knows that this process is going to be difficult, but he is in it for the long haul. The Cavaliers have the necessary pieces to make something happen this year, but they need to play team basketball and have a strong locker room to weather all of the storms that will come their way.


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