Kobe Bryant tweets that he lost five pounds in one day


Kobe Bryant, who is still recovering from the Achilles surgery he had in April, said earlier this week that he needed to get his “fat ass in shape.”  He gave a status update via Twitter on Friday.

Bryant addressed the media earlier this week and was asked what the next step will be in his rehab, he said,  “It’s the explosiveness, the explosiveness, and the muscle endurance, which takes a little time and I have to get my fat ass in shape, too.

“It’s been six months of just eating whatever the hell I wanted to eat, not running and stuff like that has caught up to me a little bit. So I have to get in shape.”

The Lakers play two exhibition games against the Golden State Warriors in Beijing and Shanghai. Bryant will be a spectator for both.

The Lakers regular season begins on Oct. 29.  Bryant wont say when believes he’ll be ready to play.

“I didn’t say anything,” he said. “I just keep it all open right now. I don’t’ know why you guys are so hell bent on timelines. When I’m ready, I’m ready.”

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