Kobe Bryant critical of performance: ‘I failed miserably’

Kobe Bryant played in his first NBA game in nearly eight months since tearing his Achilles, but he wasn’t happy with the results.

Bryant criticized himself following the Los Angeles Lakers’ 106-94 loss to the Toronto Raptors on Sunday.

 “I’m just insanely critical,” Bryant said, via ESPNLosAngeles.com. “There was a bunch of things that I completely messed up on.”

Bryant finished the game with nine points, eight rebounds, four assists, two steals and eight turnovers in 28 minutes.

“I failed miserably at that,” Bryant said after telling reporters that his personal goal for his debut was to avoid turnovers. “That was really the biggest thing for me, just trying to take care of the basketball because I know I’m going to be in charge of making some decisions out there … Basketball wise, I’m not happy.”

Bryant gave himself an “F” when asked to grade his performance and said, “Right now my form is a horses— form.”

“My rhythm is completely out of sync in terms of being able to read passing lanes and judge the timing of players in between those lanes and so forth,” Bryant said. “But I guess it’s a start. I guess a start is good.”

Still, Bryant knows it was just one game.

“I feel very optimistic,” Bryant said. “Like, I know exactly what I need to do. So, that part’s exciting.” There is simply more work to be done. “I think the last time I had eight months off I was still in the womb,” Bryant said. “So, it felt good to get out there.”

Bryant and the Lakers (10-10) will try to get a win at home on Tuesday against the Phoenix Suns.

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