Kings talking Rajon Rondo trade with Celtics

Rajon Rondo

The Sacramento Kings have been showing interest in making a big splash prior to tonight’s NBA Draft, and they are now rumored to be talking about a Rajon Rondo trade with the Boston Celtics.

Sacramento has had interest in acquiring Rondo for a couple of years now, and it is very possible that they could come to terms with the Celtics on a deal this time around. According to a report from Marc Heisler, the Kings and Celtics are talking about a trade that would involved Rondo and Sacramento’s No. 8 overall pick.

If the Celtics acquired the No. 8 pick from the Kings in the trade, they would have the No. 6 pick as well to work with.

According to Heisler’s report, the Celtics would then look to select point guard Marcus Smart with the sixth overall pick to replace Rondo. It would be an extremely difficult trade to make for Boston, as they would be completely moving on from the group that gave them so much success just a few years ago.

As far as the Kings are concerned, this could be the move that gets them over the top and back into playoff contention. Rondo averaged 11.7 points, 9.8 assists, and 5.5 rebounds per game last season, and was his usual pesky self on defense with 1.3 steals per game as well. The Kings have two very good pieces already in Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins, and could use a legitimate point guard to get them the ball in better places to score.

Overall, this is certainly a trade rumor to keep your eye on as the NBA Draft draws closer this evening. The Celtics know that they won’t be able to give Rondo the fellow stars that he was wanting, and they know that he is not going to be happy with another re-building season. Sacramento can offer a deal that will help Boston get their point guard of the future, and the Kings would be getting the franchise point guard that they desperately need.


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  • Jeebus

    I would absolutely hate to see Rondo traded but if he is, I’d only be satisfied if it were to the Rockets. Rondo, Harden, Howard, Parsons, Jones would be a perfect squad if Houston somehow miraculously held on to all those pieces in such a trade. Rajon would demand toughness out of Dwight and Rondo/Harden would be lethal backcourt.

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