Kevin Garnett: ‘Tell LeBron to worry about Miami’


Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Garnett thinks Miami Heat star LeBron James should just worry about his own team.

“Tell LeBron to worry about Miami. It has nothing to do with Celtic business,” Garnett said in response to James, who called out KG and Paul Pierce for criticizing Heat sharpshooter Ray Allen for leaving Boston before they left for Brooklyn.

“I left Boston?” Pierce said when asked of James’ comments.

A year ago, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers vilified Allen for joining the Celtics conference rival.

“I think the first thing I thought was, ‘Wow, Ray got killed for leaving Boston and now these guys are leaving Boston,’” James said via

“I think it’s OK; I didn’t mind it. But there were a couple guys who basically [expletive] on Ray for leaving, and now they’re leaving. That’s the nature of our business, man. I don’t know what Boston was going through at the end of the day. I know Ray had to make the best decision for him and his family and his career. Doc, KG and Paul did that as well. You can’t criticize someone who does something that’s best for their family.”

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  • tax payer

    He should retire because Boston didn’t do much anymore these last few seasons with Garnett playing for them.

  • HolyGiggidy

    Allen left because he wanted championships even though Boston offered him more money (Lebron not seeing a problem with this? Thats shocking). Pierce and Garnett didn’t want to leave but did so because the Celtics asked them to as they are now in reboot mode. Massive difference. All three players had long careers with the Celtics but only KG/PP will forever be revered in Boston. Allen will be remembered as a sellout. Hope it was worth it.