Kevin Garnett: ‘I can be better, and I will be’

Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett, disappointed in his last two games since his return from a foot injury that sidelined him for two weeks, says he will get better.

Garnett had 11 points, eight rebounds and four assists in the Celtics’ 101-93 loss to the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday night.

Absolutely, I can be better, and I will be,” said Garnett. “I can be better in every part of my game. It’s not just one decisive thing. Obviously, my timing is off a little bit, and I’ll get that.”

Garnett is aware of the areas he needs to improve on.

“I’m super anxious around the basket, hurrying shots,” he said. “In the second half, I thought I was a lot better in motion, being consistent and being decisive in what I wanted to do. Sometimes I play against myself a little bit, but the second half I thought I did a better job of just settling in, taking my shots and being more aggressive.”

The Celtics have all but locked up the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference.  Still, Garnett said he wants the team to focus more on the Celtics remaining four games than the playoffs.

“I think we’re focusing too much on the playoffs that aren’t here yet,” said Garnett. “I think we need to focus and lock in on these games that we have left, and put the energy and the effort behind that. I think we’re stressing too much on the future, and the future’s not here yet. We need to take this one game at a time and then prepare for whatever’s after this.”

The Celtics will likely face the No. 2 seeded New York Knicks in the playoffs.

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