E’Twaun Moore wants to stay with Magic


The Orlando Magic have had a very rough past few seasons, but they do have a bright future ahead of them with all of the young players on the roster. One of their younger players, E’Twaun Moore, has made it clear that he would like to return to Orlando and help make something happen in the future. According to Moore, he wants to stay in Orlando and wants to stick with the guys that the team has built around and make something happen.

“Most definitely. Orlando has been good to me. It’s great here. We got a lot of young guys and I feel like we’ve grown up together.” – E’Twaun Moore on staying with Orlando

Moore isn’t a starter, but he has been one of the key guard reserves over the last couple of seasons for the Magic. He was originally drafted by the Boston Celtics, but things weren’t easy to start his career. There was a learning curve for him to translate his game to the NBA, and the Magic were willing to give him an opportunity to figure things out and gave him the time and coaching that he needed.

He has played in 75 games this season with the Magic, averaging 6.2 points, 1.7 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game in a reserve role. The Magic are very interested to see how much potential he has in the future, and they believe that we have not seen the best of what Moore has to offer. At 25 years of age, there is no question that he has the ability to improve and work on his game.

Overall, this is very encouraging news for the fans down in Orlando. They may have had yet another bad season, but the players are beginning to believe that success is on the horizon. The Magic will likely give Moore a new contract this offseason, so his wish will likely come around into reality.

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