Celtics could trade Rajon Rondo during season?


There have been trade rumors surrounding Boston Celtics’ star point guard Rajon Rondo all offseason long, but they have yet to deal him at this point in time.

It appears that the Celtics are going to keep Rondo to begin the season and see what he can do, and the potentially shop him when the trading deadline begins closing in. According to a report from Steve Kyler, the Celtics could finally end up dealing Rondo prior to the trade deadline.

I do not think the Celtics are in a position to do much more than they have done. Like most teams they will add some guys for training camp and as Danny Ainge usually does, I am sure he’ll be kicking the tires on trades, but I wouldn’t expect much.

As for in-season — maybe. I think at some point they have to address the Rajon Rondo situation. I think you use Rondo as training wheels of sorts for Marcus Smart. Allow him to ease into the NBA and then have a heart to heart with Rondo. I think if Rondo doesn’t indicate that he wants to be part of the future in Boston and that free agency in July is just about re-setting the finances; if there is any doubt, you have to trade him.

There is no doubt that teams are interested in acquiring Rondo, but no one is looking to blow up their roster at this point in time. That could very well change if there is a team that is right on the edge of being a contender, and acquiring Rondo could be all that it takes to put them over the top. Boston could end up getting a huge deal in return at the deadline, and could get more value then than they would have if they traded him now.

Rondo ended up playing in 30 regular season games last season after coming off of a torn ACL, averaging 11.7 points, 9.8 assists, and 5.5 rebounds per game. Those numbers are very impressive after the ACL tear that he had and the time that he missed. There is no doubt that he can still have the star impact from the point guard position, even if he isn’t the best scoring guard in the league.

Overall, it is going to be very intriguing to keep an eye on the Celtics as the trade deadline closes in this year. They have quite a few pieces that they are more than open to moving, and Rondo could end up being one of them. Don’t be surprised to see Rondo playing with a new team at some point during the season before the deadline passes.


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