Antawn Jamison says Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard didn’t trust each other


Antawn Jamison, who signed with the Los Angeles Clippers last week, says he never understood why the relationship between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard never developed on the court.

“It was difficult,” Jamison said Friday in a radio interview on ESPN 710 in Los Angeles. “I really believed before we got started that those two could co-exist. But it just didn’t work out that way. Both guys are unbelievable basketball players, the best we have in the game right now.

“But for whatever reason we just couldn’t get that relationship as far as them communicating and them trusting each other the way you needed them to trust each other in order for us to win a championship. It just didn’t happen that way.”

Jamison said the Lakers had communication issues last year with coach Mike D’Antoni.

“Mike was pretty much put in a difficult situation,” Jamison said. “There was no training camp where he could get a feel for guys. There was a breakdown of communication when we first got there. And throughout the season it was kind of up and down.”

Now, Howard is in Houston, Bryant is rehabilitating his Achilles and Jamison is a Clipper.

“I was excited last year but this by far has been the most excitement I’ve had,” Jamison said. “To be able to be coached by Doc Rivers and their coaching staff, and to play against these guys who had me on ESPN for the last couple seasons, throwing lobs and all this other stuff.

“On the outside looking in, you see these guys having fun. You see them interactive with each other, they’re having fun, they trust each other and that’s what basketballs all about. So for me to be a part of that, and for the fans to see that, I think they should be excited because our mindset is not just to get better this year , it’s to come out of the West and try to win a championship.”

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