Troy Tulowitzki: ‘I’m sick and tired of losing’

Troy Tulowitzki

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki told The Denver Post Wednesday that he is “sick and tired of losing.”

“I think that’s why I came out numerous times and said I want to win,” Tulowitzki said. “It doesn’t mean I want out of here. It means I’m sick and tired of losing.

“Something needs to change. Hopefully that comes fairly quickly. You can’t force it. But at the same time, we’re all frustrated with this year — especially me.”

The Rockies have lost 8 of 10 and sit in last place in the National League with a 45-68 record.

Tulowitzki, who has been on the disabled list for a hip injury, says it’s important for the Rockies to show improvement over the final weeks of the season.

“It’d be easy to just pack up things and throw these games away and say, ‘Hey, we’re out of this thing.’ And move on to next year,” he said. “But in that clubhouse, we need to finish strong and end on a good note. Some guys need to prove themselves for next year. And some guys need to get more experience to help out the team.”

Tulowitzki says the Rockies clubhouse remains professional.

“I don’t see any quit. They come out here and play hard every single day,” he said. “We’ve had some deficits we’ve overcome. And I think we would have (team) meetings if we didn’t sense that. We’re playing hard. And Walt (Weiss) has said the same thing.”

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  • herbert

    foor one thing, the rockies sign pitchers that nobody want. tulowitzki goes on the DL every year. tulo and gonzalez make way to much money for a mediocre performance. so the rockies don’t have the money to sign quality pitchers. it seems that they would get a clue, but the front office keeps signing horrible pitchers. tulo and gonzo should perform or take a pay cut every year they stink