Sammy Sosa willing to make amends with Cubs

Sammy Sosa #21

The Chicago Cubs and former superstar Sammy Sosa ended their relationship on bad terms after Sosa’s career spun downwards due to cheating and a bad all-around attitude.

Chicago’s spokesman Julian Green said that Sosa has some work to do before the organization welcomes him back. That being said, he is very interested in heading back to Chicago and making things right with the Cubs whenever they’re ready to have him back.

“I think there is something that has to be resolved. If there is something to clarify, we will sit down and clear it up. Time has given me the maturity to reflect upon many things, including knowing that one side doesn’t have to be right all the time.” – Sammy Sosa

Sosa wasn’t able to attend Wrigley Field’s 100th year anniversary, and he was upset that he wasn’t able to be there.

“I should have been there; I would have liked to have been there. The Cubs know where to find me, and I hope to have the chance to clear up any misunderstanding.” – Sammy Sosa

Sosa played 18 seasons in the majors, including 13 seasons with the Cubs. He was one of the biggest names in professional baseball back in his prime with the Cubs, and was a fan favorite for years. In those 18 seasons, he recorded 609 home runs, 1,667 RBI’s, and a .273 batting average.

Overall, it is likely that the two sides will figure something out to get back together at some point in the near future. Sosa means too much to the Cubs’ organization and fan base to keep him away for much longer. That being said, he will need to make a serious apology and continue to prove himself over the next year or two for that to happen.

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  • TomTomFarts

    Moral of the story….If you cheat at life, you will be forgiven, and possibly rewarded. Got that kids?

  • David Perkins

    As far as I’m concerned he doesn’t ever have to come back. I wouldn’t have invited him to the anniversary either. The team didn’t mean anything to you when you walked out on them why should you mean anything to them now? The world don’t revolve around Sammy Sosa. I guess you still haven’t figured that out.