Report: Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez face 100-game steroid suspensions



Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun and New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez are expected to be suspended, along with 20 other players, sometime after the All-Star break for their roles in the Biogenesis case, reports ESPN.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is considering 100-game bans for Braun and Rodriguez, the punishment for a second offense, even though neither player had previously been suspended for violating the league’s drug policy.

We are still in the midst of an active investigation,” said spokesman Pat Courtney. “No decisions (on suspensions) have been made.”

Braun met with the MLB on June 29, but refused to answer questions regarding his connection to Tony Bosch and the Biogenesis clinic in Miami.

“In regards to that whole crazy situation, the truth hasn’t changed,” said Braun, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m still going to continue to respect the process and not discuss anything in the media. Beyond that, I think the vast majority of the stories that have come out are inaccurate. Aside from that, I’m not going to say anything.”

Rodriguez, in the midst of a rehab assignment with the Tampa Yankees as he recovers from his second hip surgery in four years, will meet with MLB on Friday.  He told reporters on Tuesday that he was unaware of his scheduled meeting.

“Not that I know of, and if I knew, I couldn’t share with you guys,” Rodriguez said. “We’ve been fully instructed to not comment on that case.”

Rodriguez was asked if the Yankees had informed him of the meeting.

“I don’t think they have any involvement. I think that that’s strictly Major League Baseball. There’s a lot of players involved.”

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Players who draw suspensions and appeal them would be allowed to keep playing until a ruling is made by an arbitration panel. Depending on the number of appeals, that process could take several weeks.

Under the drug policy, suspensions levied for failed drug tests are supposed to be kept confidential until the appeal process is completed and denied. Because the names of players connected to Biogenesis have been made public, however, MLB intends to announce any suspensions en masse before appeals.

  • NoWeakness

    Suspension? Remove this POS (A Rod) from the game, altogether! He has lied over and over again… but money – not rules or laws – control all pro sports, so we all know that he’ll be back in crappy Yankees uniform before we know it.

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