Report: New York Mets looking to make trades as deadline nears

Bortolo Colon

With Major League Baseball’s trade deadline just over two weeks away, the New York Mets may be looking to shake things up.

ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin reports the Mets have made veteran pitcher Bartolo Colon available in trade talks, and have identified positions they’d like to upgrade through trades.

The Mets most glaring need is at shortstop. The team lacks a major contributor at the position, and lacks a top prospect in the minor league system to take over in the future. So naturally, that is their top target.

The Chicago Cubs are a logical trade partner for the Mets. They have all star shortstop Starlin Castro, as well as top prospect Javier Baez at Triple A, and newly acquired prospect Addison Russell, (from the Oakland Athletics) playing at Double A. Castro is obviously the most experienced, and has an extremely team-friendly contract through 2019, but according to the ESPN report, the Mets consider Baez a more realistic target.

It’s unclear exactly who the Cubs would want in return for one of their shortstop’s, but it will almost assuredly be pitching. That’s part of what makes the Cubs and Mets realistic trade partner’s, the Cubs need young pitching, which the Mets have, and the Mets need a shortstop, which the Cubs have an abundance of.

The top pitching prospect in the Mets system is Noah Syndergaard, who has battled injuries this year, but is currently in Triple A. He is considered to be a part of the Mets future rotation, so it remains to be seen if the Mets are willing to trade him. Another potential package the Mets could offer Chicago is a deal that includes pitcher’s Rafael Montero and Dillion Gee.

Colon is probably the likeliest Mets player to get traded, but he won’t be going to the Cubs. The 41 year-old right hander is currently 8-8 on the season with a 3.99  ERA. He’d make a nice addition to a team in the midst of a playoff race, trying to reach the postseason. He is also under contract until the end of the 2015 season. The Cubs, on the other hand are looking for young, contractually controllable pitcher’s.

Along with moving Colon and acquiring a shortstop, the Mets are also looking to acquire a power hitting left fielder.

In February, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson told high ranking officials in the Mets organization the team is capable of winning 90 games this season. At the all star break, the Mets sit at 45-50, and Alderson appears open to making moves before the July 31 trade deadline.

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  • Eric Kench

    There is no need for a power hitting leftfielder. Benching EYJ is a mistake.