Joe Maddon: I just wish Miguel Cabrera ‘wouldn’t cry so much’

1364914613743Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon wishes the reigning American League Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera “wouldn’t cry so much.”

Maddon said Sunday, after the Rays defeated the Detroit Tigers with a 3-1 victory at Tropicana Field, that Cabrera is “outstanding, he’s wonderful. I just wish he wouldn’t cry so much.”

Maddon made the comment because he disagreed with Cabrera’s position on Fernando Rodney’s 10th inning pitch that was up-and-in and near the head of the Tigers slugger on Saturday.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland said after Saturday’s game, “To throw up there in that area is not acceptable. Somebody pays a price for that throughout baseball. That’s the way baseball is. There’s no free lunch.”

On Sunday, Tigers starter Rick Porcello hit Rays’ Ben Zorbist on the wrist in the first inning as Zorbist threw up his arms to block the pitch from hitting his upper body.

“I thought it was absolutely uncalled for, and hopefully the league will take a look at that,” said Maddon, who believed Porcello hit Zorbist on purpose.

Leyland said: “It’s part of baseball – guys get hit in baseball games. That’s all part of the game. Nobody is trying to hit anybody.”

No other batters were hit in the game after home-plate umpire Vic Carapazza issued a formal warning to both teams.

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