Aroldis Chapman on Chicago Cubs: ‘I Cannot Wait to Help Deliver a Championship’

Aroldis Chapman, Chicago Cubs
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Aroldis Chapman was acquired by the Chicago Cubs in exchange for four players in a major blockbuster trade. Chicago shipped out Adam Warren, Gleyber Torres, Billy¬†McKinney and Rashad Crawford to New York in the deal. It was a move that helps further the Cubs’ World Series chances.

Many Cubs fans are torn on whether the deal for Chapman was worth the talent that the team gave up. Chapman will hit free agency following the 2016 MLB season and there is a chance that he will leave. If that is the case, the Cubs will have given up two of their top five prospects in a deal for a two-month rental.

All of that being said, Chapman made it clear that he is happy to be in Chicago and wants to bring a championship to the franchise and fan base.

I am excited about today’s trade and look forward to joining the Chicago Cubs and meeting my new teammates. It is a privilege to wear the Cubs uniform and to play for the fans of Chicago. I cannot wait to take the mound at Wrigley Field and look forward to helping my teammates deliver a championship to Chicago.”

Needless to say, the Cubs and their fan base should be excited about this move. Chapman has the potential to be the missing piece that the Cubs had to find in order to win a World Series. They still have a lot of work to do to get there, but the addition of one of baseball’s top closers helps in a big way.

Theo Epstein has been aggressive ahead of the trade deadline this year. He acquired left-handed reliever Mike Montgomery last week in a trade with the Seattle Mariners. It is obvious that he wants to deliver a title for the Cubs as well.

Even with the concern about Chapman’s future with the Cubs long-term, this deal was worth it. Epstein has been known to work big deals with big names in the past and will likely attempt to do so with Chapman when the season ends assuming the two parties work well together.

Expect to see Chapman be a huge piece to the Cubs’ postseason run this year. They have put together an offense that can outscore most opponents and a bullpen that can shut down opponents late in games. If their starting pitching can hold up, the Cubs stand a good chance to break their 108-year curse.

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