Shawn Stefani is first person to ever score hole-in-one in U.S. Open at Merion

PGA Tour rookie Shawn Stefani made history during the final round of the U.S. Open on Sunday, with a hole-in-one.

Stefani’s tee shot on the difficult 229-yard par-3 17th hole bounced off the rough on a slope to the left of the green. ¬†Then rolled the width of the green and curved right into the cup.

Stefani, who shot an 85 on Saturday, lifted his arms in the air and jumped for Joy.

“I was actually trying to hit the left side of the green and cut it,” Stefani said. “And then I kind of pulled it. I pulled it about five yards. And the wind was kind of down off the left and it really didn’t help at all. It didn’t move it to the right.

“And honestly I think I’ve seen a bunch of balls that week kind of not kick to the right and I was really surprised to see the ball kick to the right. And then once it did kick, it kept rolling and I was like, well this could be good. And the fans stood up and then it kept getting closer and closer and then when it went in, I was just super excited because it’s the first hole-in-one I’ve ever had in a tournament.”

The hole-in-one was the first-ever ace in a U.S. Open played at Merion.

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