Todd Frazier Would Like To Remain with Chicago White Sox

Todd Frazier
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Todd Frazier was acquired by the Chicago White Sox last offseason and immediately became their most dangerous offensive weapon. He helped the Sox get off to a quick start this season, although they have fallen apart and are headed for yet another season missing the MLB postseason.

Despite the disappointing season that the White Sox are suffering through, Frazier would like to remain with the team long-term. He talked about his tenure with the team so far and how he is more than happy to help lead the team moving forward, even with the rebuilding process that is looming.

“If I was here, shoot man, it would be great. I know what it takes to lead a team,” Frazier said. “I’ve been showing the young guys already the right way and right things to do, whether it’s as little as showing up at the ballpark at the right time or waiting to get in an elevator before all the veteran guys. It all adds up. It’s the learning process, and I don’t mind being the bad guy. I don’t mind that at all. Constructive criticism — you have to learn how to take that. It’s been given to me all the time.”

Frazer went on to talk about being taught the right way and how he was brought up as a young player in baseball.

“I was taught the right way. If it’s constructive, learn from it. Don’t get your feelings hurt, because that’s just somebody who cares for you. These guys understand that I care for all of them. If that’s the way [GM Rick Hahn’s] going, and I’m still here, I’ll take that with open arms.”

Chicago will have some decisions to make this coming offseason. Frazier will have a lot of trade value on the market and they could get some decent young pieces for him should they choose to go that route.

At 30-years-old, the White Sox are likely to at the very least test his trade value with other teams.

Expect to see his name come around often in trade rumors following the 2016 MLB season. He may not end up getting moved, but it wouldn’t be a shock. Even though he wants to stay, the White Sox know that a rebuild is inevitable at this point and there will be teams willing to offer a good amount of talent to get a deal done.

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