Travis Pulver

Broncos head coach John Fox refutes rock-paper-scissors story

John Fox

The Oakland Raiders are not very good this year. The Denver Broncos – well, they’re. So when the two teams faced off on Monday Night Football there was little doubt about the outcome of the game. However, there has been some doubt created as to how the team got there. For the most part it was pretty easy to see ...

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Red Sox and Dodgers clinch playoff berths

Dodgers celebrate

When the 2013 MLB regular season is over and done there will be many that will sit back and think,”man, what a long, strange trip it has been.” Last season, the Boston Red Sox where in the AL East cellar. For much of this season, the Los Angeles Dodgers were in the NL West cellar. After wins Thursday night, both ...

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Pierre Garcon says knee brace is slowing Robert Griffin III down

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 6.52.24 PM

When the 2012 season ended football fans in Washington were excited. Not because the pain of another lackluster season was over, but because for once the future looked so bright it was time to wear shades. Fast forward past Week 2 of the 2013 season, and some are starting to wonder if the Chosen One – Robert Griffin III – ...

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Giants LB Dan Connor out for season with neck injury

Colts at Giants NFL Football

On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys finally managed to notch a win at home over the New York Giants. Just winning the game wasn’t good enough though for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and quarterback Tony Romo, as both accused two players on the Giants of faking injuries in the game. There is now indisputable proof that at least one of those players, ...

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Chip Kelly thinks Eagles offense can get even faster

Eagles coach Chip Kelly

When the Philadelphia Eagles hired Chip Kelly away from the Oregon Ducks, there were many that thought the hire was crazy. There is no way that his fast-paced style of play is going to translate to the NFL. The professional game just isn’t played that way. After Monday night’s 33-27 win over the Washington Redskins, it is probably safe to ...

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Pittsburgh Pirates secure first winning season since 1992


With a 1-0 win over Yu Darvish and the Texas Rangers Monday night, the Pittsburgh Pirates were guaranteed their first winning season in over two decades! The 2013 MLB season has been a strange one for Pirates fans–their team has actually been good. Not that they haven’t been good at times in recent years, but not this late in the ...

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Lane Kiffin keeping USC starting QB a mystery


College football teams are known for doing whatever they can to gain a competitive advantage (within the rules of course). Prior to the start of the season several teams waited as long as they could before naming a starting quarterback so that opposing defenses would have less time to prepare for him. That kind of ploy is something that teams ...

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Alabama WR Kenny Bell quits team and then announces he’s back


The Alabama Crimson Tide began their march towards an unprecedented third consecutive national title Saturday night with a decisive 35-10 win over Virginia Tech. The team didn’t look the greatest at times, but thanks to some big plays by the usual bevy of talent, the Crimson Tide had little trouble rolling over the Hokies. For most football players the chance ...

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Chicago Bears still looking for a Plan B quarterback


Jay Cutler is the leader of the Chicago Bears. He may be an easy guy to dislike, but when healthy the Bears have a better chance of winning with him in the game rather than out. However, when he is injured the team is in trouble. The memory of what could have been during the 2011 season probably still stings ...

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Brian Banks cut by Falcons, but may not be done with the team


If there was ever a player not on your favorite team, but you couldn’t help but cheer for him.  It had to be former Atlanta Falcons linebacker Brian Banks. Yes, former; he was among the cuts that the Falcons announced on Friday. You would think that the possibility of being cut would be upsetting or at the least cause for ...

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